Mr. Jody Shpur

Learning Leader
Currently in his 20th year of teaching, Jody has spent the majority of his career fighting technological fires helping teachers identify and leverage the possibilities technology may have in education. Holding an M.Ed in Educational Technology (University of Calgary), he has been involved in a number of CBE and provincial initiatives from developing international telecollaborative inquiry projects with (then) Telus 2Learn to technology learning leader within AISI and various school-based involvements. Self-described as a neo-Luddite, Jody feels technology does have a place in the task design and learning within classrooms, but harbours doubt when digital technologies are deified and seen as a panacea for all educational challenges. Along with numeracy and language literacy, digital literacy is a set of understandings and competencies that must be addressed for current learners who eventually become engaged members of the globe.