Dr. Caroline Brookfield DVM

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My happy place is at the intersection of Art and Science. A veterinarian, with diverse experience, I thrive when I engage my deeply creative side to a scientific field, whether consulting with veterinarians on medical cases, presenting published abstracts to specialists, editing a journal article for peer review, writing a handbook on wildlife rehabilitation, performing complex surgical procedures, or figuring out a new way to pill a cat. 
A lifelong learner, I have built two online businesses, and currently completing my Certificate of Professional Management (University of Calgary). A late diagnosis of ADHD, combined with abundant curiosity has inspired a passion for applied neuroscience. My drive to embrace new experiences has led to stand-up comedy, public speaking, mountain biking, rock climbing and parenting. 
I have an energetic and conversational style. I challenge attendees to consider what immediate unconventional actions they can implement to put more ease in their day.

Sessions in which Dr. Caroline Brookfield DVM participates

Friday February 15, 2019

12:30 PM
12:30 PM