Dr. John Xavier Pereira MD CM CCFP CIME CEDIR VI

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Dr. John Xavier Pereira is the President of the Pain Society of Alberta. He is a past Ronald Melzack Fellow of the McGill Pain Center and past Pfizer Canada Scholar in Persistent and Neuropathic Pain. He previously taught medical school and received teaching awards from the classes of 2012, 2013 and 2014 at the University of Calgary. He has spoken on the topic of chronic pain both nationally and internationally, most recently in Auckland, New Zealand and at Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. He represented Western Canada on the committee of physicians who wrote the country's national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia. His dream of creating the world's foremost fibromyalgia treatment program has moved one step closer as FibroFOCUS won a 2016 Health Quality Council of Alberta Patient Experience Award.

Sessions in which Dr. John Xavier Pereira MD CM CCFP CIME CEDIR VI participates

Thursday February 14, 2019

10:55 AM
10:55 AM