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BRAVE Education with Angus Cockney, The Icewalker
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BRAVE Education with the Icewalker, Angus Cockney,

As a Survivor of 13 years of residential school at Grollier Hall, a former residence operated by the Catholic Church and located in Inuvik, NWT, Angus Cockney knows very well the bad, and for the sake of the whole truth, believes one must never deny the good also. “Regarding the ‘good’, the Catholic Church at Grollier Hall supported a program of active sports including hockey, soccer, basketball, badminton, floor hockey, soft ball, snooker, and chess just to name a few. Our teams in those respective sports were very competitive against other teams and, in fact, captured a number of regional championships. However, the greatest ‘good’ in sports was that the Catholic Church supported was the Territorial Experimental Ski Training (TEST) program.

The TEST program was inspired by the late Catholic priest, Father Jean Marie Mouchet; “Thank God and rest in peace. Father Mouchet saw the ‘good’ and potential of us natives to excel in the sport of cross country ski racing given our outdoor and active lifestyle and being natural athletes. As a result of that program, and while still attending Residential School, a number of Survivors were named to the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics. In fact, six of the nine members of Canada’s Olympic team were indigenous,” states Angus.

Angus was invited then to be the photographer on a ski journey to the North Pole.

Like he did on his North Pole journey, Angus inspires everyone to persevere and reach his or her own destiny. He relates his experience through a life-skills classroom experience applicable to all ages and leaders alike.”

Angus’ successful legacy lives on with his daughter, actress, and dancer, Marika (Sila) Cockney. Marika is also presenting her own story with BRAVE Education and RedPath Talent in Session 3. His son, Jesse, is a two-time Winter Olympian with a number of top tens finishes on the World Cup circuit. Like their Father, both are Indigenous role models of success.

“The Residential School system was a dark era in Canada’s history, but..” Angus says, “it’s only in darkness, one is able to see the stars.”

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Thursday February 14, 2019

2:15 PM
2:15 PM
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