Dr. Linda Kodnar BSc (Pharm) N.D.

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Encouraging a NATURAL means to good health has always been my focus. I have been practicing in the health care community for over 20 years and what I have come to appreciate is that Naturopathic Principles are key to achieving our health potential. I understand there are times when an individual needs to make use of prescription medication and surgery, however, applying naturopathic philosophy and principles achieve a higher quality of life and allows for the capacity to restore and heal.

My Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Alberta then later graduating from The Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto together have built a strong foundation in both conventional and naturopathic perspectives. With this background, I access practical, scientific methods that enhance the natural healing processes of our bodies. Years of clinical experience and the ability to provide a balanced approach to treatment based on the individuals current state of health goals.

In 1995, I started my general family practice. I love working with all ages from infants to seniors and the challenges of each life stage. My son was born at home and my first work as a pharmacist was in seniors residences. My energetic and personable approach has been requested on television and radio programs. It has been my pleasure to present information to the medical community, pharmacists, corporate groups and regularly to the public.

My goal is to inspire, encourage proactive and preventative care – not just a state of no disease – but truly feeling great! With more energy there is growth, freedom and joy in life!

The future of our western cultural style of medicine looks promising – which is developing into a comprehensive recognition of the needs of our minds AND bodies. It is flowing into a more integrative approach, and studies are establishing many healing practices that ancient cultures have been aware of for centuries. I am excited to be part of the journey – supporting and promoting the individual’s responsibility for their ongoing good health and personal growth through a balance of work, play, nutrition and exercise and of course a combination healing methods that truly nurture and repair.

I am so grateful that my work is rewarding. I balance this with time outdoors – hiking, being in nature, and gardening. Various sports and activities fill my downtime with interests: yoga, cycling, squash, golf, lawn bowls, painting, piano, geology and astronomy. My son and granddaughter and family are a great source of pride, challenge and joy.

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Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta

Alberta College of Pharmacy

Ontario College of Pharmacists

International IV Nutritional Therapy

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

PADI – Open Water Scuba

RASC – Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

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