Performance Assessments in the Science Lab

Friday Feb 15   12:30 PM to 01:30 PM (1 hour)
Hyatt - Neilson 2
The use of performance assessments in the chemistry laboratory present unique opportunities for formative assessment.  They are authentic ways for students to demonstrate their abilities and can positively affect students’ attitudes toward the lab, their academic achievement, and upon the overall environment of the classroom.  When used in conjunction with student self-assessment checklists performance assessments can also promote metacognitive activity.  This session will present how to administer performance assessments of five basic lab skills and the benefits to the classroom that result.  The lab skills that will be discussed are measuring mass using an electronic balance, measuring volume using a graduated cylinder, lighting a Bunsen burner, measuring volume using a pipet, and completing one trial of a titration.  Although this session focuses on high school chemistry, the ideas discussed could easily be adapted to the physics, biology or general science classroom.
Salisbury Composite High School
Science Coordinator

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