PEGAMES.ORG: Classroom Games That Keep Kids Happy and Active in a Confined Space

Inclusive EducationHolistic HealthPhysical Education
1 Hour Session
Friday Feb 15   09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (1 hour)
This session will introduce a multitude of games and activities that can be played, and enjoyed, within the constraints of a classroom. Because any great PE period keeps all kids active for the most amount of time possible, this session will introduce a game and fitness-based approach to teaching Physical Education in the classroom (or other confined-area), that adheres strictly to this ideology. Intended for any educator interested in having kids learn to love physical activity, each game presented here is fun and all-inclusive, and ensures maximum student participation. The games and activities here can be used to help with transition time, fulfill daily PE requirements, or bring a smile to everyone’s face at any point throughout the day.
PEGAMES.ORG/Beairsto Elementary School
PE Prep Teacher

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