Storytelling Through Theatre

Arts Commons
Half Day Workshop
Thursday Feb 14   09:00 AM to 11:00 AM (2 hours)
Arts Commons - Jack Singer Rehearsal Hall

In 2017 Trickster Theatre worked with a number of schools across multiple boards to evaluate a story-writing process. Storytelling Through Theatre pairs simple physical movement patterns with the use of storyboards to support students in all stages of writing.  Students develop story details by acting them out, then use storyboards to crystallize thematic ideas. The results were spectacular. Every class showed substantial improvement in story-writing competencies after only a few sessions.

Learn how to engage your K-9 students in a storytelling process that places students inside their story. Our process accommodates any classroom setting, and no previous theatre knowledge is required. We make storytelling fun and exciting, which helps students create great stories

Trickster Theatre
Producing Director

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