Creative Affirmation: Mark Making + Mixed Media (Morning Session)

Half Day Workshop
Thursday Feb 14   09:00 AM to 12:00 PM (3 hours)
Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium - Lower Lobby, Banquet Room

A workshop that promotes creativity as a part of self-care + wellness

Join artists Michelle Dyer and Paula Timm in a fun, fresh, process based workshop, where you will be able to discover personal insight into your own creative exploration. You will be asked to challenge your inner critic and practice leaving any judgment or comparison behind as you embark on this creative adventure alongside your colleagues. So, come with an open mind, open heart, and desire to PLAY!

A three hour creative workshop that promotes creativity as part of self-care and wellness. In this workshop, each participant will be guided through a mixed media exploration on their own 10"x10" wood panel surface that they can take away with them after the workshop.


  • learn the value of creativity + play
  • regulating and grounding by connecting to sensory system, body + nervous system
  • brain (unwiring unhelpful neural pathways and re-wiring positive neural pathways)
  • connecting art process to form a practice of mindfulness
  • shifts how we think, feel, and act (and can help both personally and in professional realms)

Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Cultural Development Specialist

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